Monday, May 27, 2013


Have a safe and happy Memorial Day.
                                Loretta Walsh - The first woman in the U.S. Navy....Thank You!

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Playing again with my pink ballerina spray paint. A girl can never have too much pink, don't you think so?

                           This is the top of a paper towel holder, I thought I bling it up a bit.

These are cute little hand made Indian paper books, are so super cute. I just added a little vintage lace on the top handle, to dress them up a bit.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I love JUNKING in Alabama.

I live and love Miami, but no junking here. Try looking for vintage goodies, not a thing and if you do find something be ready to pay greatly for it. Now once you pass central Florida it get much better. But OMG Alabama is junking heaven. My sister lives there and the things she finds are amazing. These are more of the piece that I found during our last trip. I can't really remember all the prices, but we are talking  under a $1.00. YAY.

I think this was one of my greatest find. I just love the elegant and soft combination of the clear glass and the milk glass. I had a hard time finding both types of glass in one lamp, ever since I saw one in a magazine. But, I found one, yay! I found the perfect lampshade for it too and  I can't wait to start working on it.  But, I'm taking my time and enjoy it.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


I recently joined an ATC swap, over at ART JOY STUFF. I loved this swap from the start. It was very specific and what I liked the most was the fact that it was a natured inspired theme. But, I think my favorite requirement was that we were to NOT use any paper, it was an all fabric ATC. That was a first for me and to be honest a little bit of a fun challenge and I can't wait to make more.  

                               This one is from Kimberly, the hostess. Thank you for hosting!

                                        This one is from Marsha Mees, Tattered Chick blog.

                                       This one is from Jewels Welsh, justtickety-boo blog.

                                                     This one is also from from Kimberly.

                                       This one is from Terri Heinz, artful affirmations blog.

                                        This one is fromMaggie Raguse, the mag rag blog.

                                                          This one is from Karla Jackson.

                                                 This one is from Insight in the Moonlight.

This one is by Becky from Rebecca Rose Designs.
                                                        This one was made by Amy Bauer.

This one is the one I created. I added the sentiment to the one I kept for me because I printed
it on paper. My next goal is to conquer my fear of printing small text on fabric. The dark fibers that you see are coconut husk right from the coconut trees my back yard.

Friday, May 17, 2013


While visiting my sister in Alabama, we went hunting for treasure, or as we call it, JUNKING. Even my sweet mom got in on the junking fun, we had a blast. These are some of the goodies we found, I have more that I will post soon.

                                               Another little swan to add to my collection.

                                                I love the simplicity of these glass pieces.


I'm on a new mission, and that is try and use all the products and goodies that I'm so guilty of hoarding. This week it was my Lindy's Stamp Gang . I took out my Nantucket collections, I love them all, but the pearls are my favorite and newest addition.  The Salt Water Taffy is my favorite of all the color . 
These mulberry flowers were all white and so beautiful but, I have way too many white flowers. My goal was to get the centers to appear slightly darker than the sounding soft baby pink color and I did it. Now the two tone technique makes the flowers look so soft and delicate.
Here's a little something that  I love to do. Before I add the water to my new Lindy's, I always add one drop of my favorite Essential Oil. It does have to be Essential Oil and not synthetic oil. For my Lindy's I always use Lavender, it will not change the color or results. Try it, it's heavenly! Not only does the project that you're working on smells divine, but your entire home will smells like Lavender .