Monday, September 30, 2013

Shabbylicious projects.

I've bee redecorating again and changing things around for the holidays. I so enjoy doing that a few times a year and it really doesn't take much to freshen things up a bit.
These are recent hand me downs from my sister, she got a gorgeous new dinning room set and no longer needed these. I love them, they're solid wood and very sturdy. They were beautiful before but,           not shabby enough for me. So........ here's the makeover. Now I'm in love with them.

                               This was my mom's old sewing chair, now is my new sewing chair.

These I had covered in a very simple canvas white material and they looked nice. But, I found these 2 pillow shams and I'm in love with this shabby print, so soft and simply pretty.

                                                               These vintage curtains I
           found while thrifting through Alabama, my idea of junking heaven. I can't  wait to go again.

This precious vintage baby blanket I also found. I've been saving it for just that right project. It's going to eventually be a super cute little bench, the only problem is that I can't seam to able to remember where I put the beautiful wrought iron legs. I know I have them in a safe place, lol.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Another pretty board.

So this is how this project started, my sister gave me these 2 pieces of art works that she no longer wanted. I used the back of the picture frame because I need the indentation to string the wire up.

I started by painting the edges in dark shade of brown, that way when I sanded some of the white the brown would show up.  So simple to put together and super fun to create. .

Now the fun part, decorating it. I used white burlap on the back and I went with a little French theme. Love it. So next time you have to get rid of an old picture frame with an outdated piece of artwork , think about it twice, so glad I did

Monday, September 9, 2013


Well this is the lamp that my sister Alina no longer wanted, thank you so much! I could not let her go to the garage sale pile, I thought it would be such a waste. I think the older I get the harder it gets for me to throw away perfectly good things. I have become my mom, lol. Why do you suppose that is????
 All I did was paint the solid wood vase in a creamy off white and since the black was already the under coat, it made things very easy for me. A little sanding and I was all done. For the lamp shade all I did was play with some of my vintage bridal  trims, a few flowers that I already had made and a little jewelry to give it a bit more sparkle and she was perfect. Now she's a shabby keeper.