Thursday, January 30, 2014


I almost feel guilty putting up this post when some northern states are going through a very wicked winter. So I'm never going to complain about my hot Florida weather again. Winter time down here for me means cleaning around the garden and preparing beads and bit of mulching too. I so enjoy working outside during this time of year, It's cool, the air is crisp, when it's not raining and I can take my time. This week I've clean and treated all my tools, I also finished cleaning all the terracotta pots and they are ready to go.

This year I planted my one tomato plant in a container. I usually plant them outside but if we get cold weather, they're gone. It's going to be cold all this week, for us that's 40s and 50s. This way I can just bring her in, she's got 2 tomatoes coming and I could not leave her outside, so now she's in my living room. 
Not complaining, I'm blessed to life in Miami during winter.  

                                   This is my Castor Bean Plant, she puts on a show in Febuary.

The Stag Horn is doing well, but I think I want to put her in the front. Major trauma for her, so not sure yet.

       My Cuban Culantro plant that my mom gave me and we are taking some to my sister in        Alabama.

My Spanish moss is happy and she is reproducing nicely. I started them from a few little pieces I brought back from a trip to Savannah a few years ago. I fertilize them with a water soluble fertilizer a few time a year.  I just love the lazy look about them, how the hang and  sway in the wind.

                                           Not only I love the Oregano. also my mom gave me.            

These are falling apart but they still look pretty, they are so old. I'm going to have to find some new ones soon.

This bloom is from an Elephant Ear plant. Sometimes I cut the white Lilly look alike and enjoy them inside.

                                            Sometime I like to let my garden do it's own thing,

This is our,  Gorda, hubby also calls her May West. She is so loving and beautiful. If I was not allergic she would so be in the house. It's a bit cold outside and I feel so bad, so I made a bed for them with a heating blanket that I will never be able to use again. Sometimes they go on it, but not all the time. We have 3 other ones, now if I can get my Rooster, goat, pop belly pig and peacock.

Saturday, January 18, 2014


I 'm not decorating much for Valentine. Actually I'm enjoying all the free space from when the Christmas stuff came down. But I did finish this wreath, that I'm loving so much. These rich beautiful velvet red roses where all over a cushion my sister had given me for my garage sale, but I could not part with it. I carefully cut all the flowers off and put them in zip bags, cause I knew I wanted to use them for something. 
The grape vine heart wreath was also a hand me down. Since the roses are velvet it's going to be an indoor wreath. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Some FUN items.

Haven't seen one of these in a while.

Loving this cute pink crystal basket, now what to use it for????

Monday, January 6, 2014

Just for fun little projects.

Here are a few little just because projects.  
I wanted to dress these little easels up a bit. So I added some vintage bling and now they are ready to hold some of my Atcs.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New organisational system for my cards

I have lots of things that need organizing, but I thought I start with my cards and October Afternoon 8x8 paper pads. I altered these boxes a bit and they worked out perfect.