Monday, May 29, 2017

Art prompt cards.

Forgot to post these pictures here on my blog. I'm in love with this awesome idea of the art prompt cards, I found the idea on Pinterest. I can't wait to challenge myself with them. I think these would make great gifts for my artsy friends, maybe I' ll create more once I can get to my art supplies. 
That won't be for a while now, we'll be here in temporary housing for 5 months still. 
I think I'm going to give myself a couple more weeks and then start actually looking for our forever home, where we're planning to retire in.  We have been driving around getting familiar with our new town and we love it here. It's a small country town with just one of everything, beautiful surroundings, no traffic and nicest southern folks you can imagine. We feel so blessed and so sure that we did the right move for our family, once again God's timing is perfect. But that doesn't mean  that I don't miss my sisters and the kiddos back in Miami. I'm so happy our mom is here with us for a few months, she loves it here too and she's having a blast with my sister China. These two just click and I love to see them together, specially in the kitchen, lol. 

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